Your True North
Wellbeing Life Coaching

Fix what is broken and then build on what is strong

You can't build something strong on an unstable base, so we start with who you are - how you see and treat yourself, before we move onto the bigger things. Why? Because if who you are is wobbly, everything else will fall down eventually. You'll come out being so much stronger in the end if you build on a solid foundation of you.


We understand that your life journey is different and we have a variety of ways that you can interact with us and benefit from our years of knowledge. All services are conducted live online and none of our courses or sessions are pre-recorded, so you can be assured that you're always interacting with a real person when you choose us as your guide.


An intensive two hour masterclass that compresses years of learnings into an introduction to the types of information and thought processes that you'd find when working with us.

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Online Courses


A series of short courses that are designed to provide you with the capability to navigate through some of the challenging parts of life. Courses run for 8 weeks and are conducted in live online groups.

Personal Coaching


One-on-one coaching that's tailored to your journey of self, with weekly online coaching sessions. You'll be provided with the right tools and guided through your journey, with access to your life coach at all times, but the catch is that you'll need to do the growth work. Are you ready?

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Have a topic that you'd like to be presented to a group of people? Or maybe it's a discussion group scenario to get people talking, sharing and thinking? We can tailor something to suit your needs for a variety of speaking events. Contact us today with your requirements.

TOPICS Covered

Wellbeing life coaching can be a vague topic but rest assured that we've helped a range of different people in a variety of areas in their lives. Below is a list of some of the topics, issues and situations that we've helped past clients with.
  • Life stages and changes, including career guidance, managing change, home/work life balance, finding purpose, overcoming anxiety and fear

  • Discovering self, including self worth, conformity and individuality, building confidence, forgiveness and closure, mindset changes, perception and reality

  • Interpersonal relationships, including managing difficult conversations and people, bullying, setting and maintaining boundaries, managing stress, reacting and responding, problem solving techniques

  • Structure and spontaneity, including goal setting, time management, incorporating fun, mindfulness, habit forming and breaking


We keep our content "real", relevant and make it simple to understand and apply, and those we've worked with seem to think so too.