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There is no light without darkness

And the light shines brighter after time without it

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Your True North

There are times when life throws you so many challenges at once, that you can feel like you're drowning in the chaos and darkness. It can be even more overwhelming when it feels like there is no one available who can help you, because they just don't understand the depth or complexities of what's going on for you.

Your True North was born after overcoming some tremendous life challenges with minimal external assistance. It was a long a lonely journey that consumed unknown internal strength and resources to pull through. Many lessons were learned and those are available to be shared and built upon, so that others don't have to struggle alone.

Life does not present you with anything that you cannot handle

But no-one said that you had to do it all alone

Meet Ana

#1 International Bestselling Author, Life Coach, Mentor & Speaker

Ana's positive approach to life has seen her through many adventures and has enabled her to overcome the biggest obstacles that life has thrown her way. Her strength can be intimidating but her friendly, bubbly nature is contagious and she has a way of shedding light on every situation.

Always thirsty for knowledge, Ana has studied life coaching, mental wellbeing, mindfulness, spiritual coaching, cognitive behavioural therapy and neuro-linguistic programming, to name a few.

Her spare time is filled with her beautiful three children, music, reading and enjoying nature. Her life journey ramblings can be read on her blog.

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There will always be nay-sayers

The trick is to push past them and find the people cheering you on

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Inspirational Words

Answers to unspoken questions come in many forms and below are a selection of inspirational words from Ana, our wellbeing life coach and best selling author...
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